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You Can Grow That! Thanksgiving Cactus, Friendship and Memories

Today, I counted 43 buds and flowers on my s. truncata ‘schlumbergera,’ better known as a Thanksgiving cactus.  Just when our soggy, grey fall season kicks in, this plant blazes in our front window, generously shielding us from the horrid … Continue reading

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You Can Grow That! Oriental Poppy

There it is, the spring garden’s flame, finally popped out of a soft downy jacket, sinuous, blowsy unfurled petals shining in the sun.  When my spring bulb visual feast is over, I need hot colors in my garden palette, and … Continue reading

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You Can Grow That: Rhododendron ciliatum

Happy April, Garden Appreciaters!  Today we are joining garden bloggers and garden blog readers around the United States under this banner, celebrating the miracle of growing and maintaining annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees.    Here’s one of my favorites, Rhododendron ciliatum. … Continue reading

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